miniature book: "冬のスケート /Skating in winter" (2021)

"冬のスケート / Skating in winter" (2021)
3.5cm x 5.0cm, 34pp, 
hardcover, 19 images

images from
"Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters" 
Hendrick Avercamp, 1608


miniature book: "The Rosary" (2021)


"The Rosary" (2021)
4.0cm x 5.0cm, 24pp, 
hardcover, 16 images

images from
"The Fifteen Mysteries 
and the Virgin of the Rosary"
Netherlandish Painter 
(possibly Goswijn van der Weyden, 
active by 1491, died after 1538)
ca. 1515–20, Netherlandish, 
Metropolitan Museum


Match Boxes created in Dec. 2021

Match Boxes Dec. 2021


above: "Crocodile Tears"
middle left: "Sacred Cherries"
middle right: "Stars and a bird"
below:"Skate in winter" 
(from "Ice-skating in a Village" 
by Hendrick Avercamp, c1610)


Match Boxes created in Nov. 2021

Match Boxes Nov. 2021

above: "Authors"
below: "The Lion"



miniature book: “Blue”

“Blue” (2021)
4.9cm x 3.6cm, 34pp, hardcover, 17 images

Images from the 16th century book
 “Book of Flower Studies” 
Master of Claude de France, 
Metropolitan Museum



miniature book: “Tea Time” (2021)

“Tea Time” (2021)
5.0cm x 3.4cm, accordion book, 20 images

Images from the 19th century French Porcelain Designs



Match Boxes created in Aug. 2021

Match Boxes Aug. 2021

above: "Bronzino 1 (Francesco I de' Medici)"
middle: "Bronzino 2 (Ritratto di Lodovico Capponi)"
below: "Bronzino 3 (Portrait of a Young Man)"

above: "The Choirs of Day"
middle: "la Balance"
below: "all old things"



miniature book: “Fireworks / 花火" (2021)

“Fireworks” 花火 (2021)

2.9cm x 6.3cm, accordion book, 24 images
3.0cm x 6.7cm(case)

all images from the illustrated catalogue of 
the Hirayama Fireworks co. (1877)



Match Boxes created in July 2021

Match Boxes July 2021

left: "Gentleman 1" 
(portrait by Anna Clay poole Peale, 1832)
middle: "Gentleman 2" 
(portrait by John Wood Dodge, 1833)
right:"Gentleman 3" 
(portrait by Thomas Seir Cummings, 1840-45) 



Match Boxes created in June 2021

Match Boxes in June 2021 / 2021年6月のマッチ箱

above: "nocturnal secret"
below: "Giotto's Sky"

left: "Helvetia 1"
middle: "Helvetia 2"
right:"Helvetia 3"

images are from paintings by Marcus Dinkel


miniature book: “Chinese Opera Masks / 臉譜 (2021)

“Chinese Opera Masks” 臉譜
3.0cm x 4.3cm, accordion book, 42 images
3.6cm x 4.5cm(case)

40 mask designs from cigarette cards