Miniature box: Uirō (traditional steamed rice cake)

Uirō, a traditional Japanese steamed rice cake / お菓子の外郎

(images are from its packaging and leaflet)

Uirō and a small leaflet


miniature book A set of "Book of Postage Stamps"

A set of "Book of Postage Stamps"

Case: 5.3cm x 6.2cm x (d) 2.9cm 

A set of 5 books showing Japanese old stamps
size: 4.2 x 5.4cm Softcover

All images are from postage catalogs

Book 1: Definitives 1871-1876 / 竜文・桜切手
Book 2: Definitives 1876-1908 / 小判・菊切手
Book 3: Definitives 1913-1923 / 田沢・震災切手
Book 4: Telegraph stamps 1885 / 電信切手
Book 5: New Year Stamps 1950-1971/ お年玉切手シート


Miniature box: Summer Dawn

Miniature box: "Summer Dawn" by William Morris
3.5cm x 5.5cm

ミニチュアボックスシリーズ:"夏の暁" ウィリアム・モリス


Miniature box: the hot fair day

Miniature box: "the hot fair day"
3.5cm x 5.5cm